Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blue..............................and pink

I shook your hand.  I'd have kissed your lips gladly.  I'm a married man, but it wouldn't have wife would have kissed you too.

I was with the Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development.

But he couldn't hear.

He bought the tickets.

Though he couldn't see.

I was in your world for a few minutes tonight.  You welcomed me as a long lost brother, waiting to see me home again.

I was alive.  Again.

You were older than I thought.  But beautiful nonetheless.  I shook your hand.

You gave me more than you could imagine.

You gave me my God back.

You were only a part of the show...a mime...bangin on your drums...dancing...reminding me that I was alive once again.  I'm not sure what language you spoke, but I got it....deep within me, something moved...again.

The Three opened the world as they do many nights...bringing lights, color and sound...serving as tour guides for those that would go...and playing a show for those that won't.

I saw the Blue Man Group tonight.  As I promised a friend I would, the next time I was in Vegas...on their home turf.

I can't even describe to you what it was like for me, save that I found something I'd lost, and had Toodles losing his marbles.

My good friend, I think you knew I'd find it.  I can't stop crying.  I just can't, I don't want is so much fun.

Few places in this world speak my language, and it seemed that I'd forgotten it myself.  But, I found it.  It found me, however you want to put it.

What I saw in the Pink Drummer, I don't even know.  I kept asking myself, why am I watching them, but looking at you.  They were the show, and they were awesome...maybe it was that get to live in that world...being a part of my temporary.

I mumbled a prayer before it started...something about worship, because I see God in places others don't...and it was heard.

If you are ever in Vegas...the Blue Man Group won't do you wrong.

Even if you don't speak the language.

I asked my colleague if he liked the show..."Yeah, it was a bit odd and sort of different, what'd you think?"

"They speak my language."

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