Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Upon Discussing The Lebron...a side tracked post from my other side...

I shall not rant against the Lebron.  I will share my thoughts on him though...

He has taken much criticism recently, and over the past year for the mistakes he made, or may not have made.  I've heard talk show hosts and their guests discuss his performance in the Finals, and the past year, since his departure from Cleveland.  A few people work to defend Lebron, claiming that he never asked to be a role model, while others appear to pin the weight of an entire team upon him.  I'm not so sure, but we Americans find this concept a bit difficult to hold in our Westernized brains...perhaps they are both a bit right and a bit off at the same time.

Did he ask for "it"?  Depends on how you describe "it" Mr. Senator.  

Is too much being put on his shoulders?  Probably.  We tend to mix emotions with facts, and our remembrance of history.  We also tend to blow up like Darth Vader when we are hurt...practically destroying everything around us.  

Did he bolt for a better opportunity?  Don't think we know just yet...but here's my take on the Man-Boy-King...

I was told, growing up, the following adage:  "High School teaches you to be a good citizen, College teaches you how to think".  I would adjust it a bit, through my own experience:  "High School teaches you that you have super powers, and College teaches you how to use them".  

Lebron, to me...above all else, represents a stereotypical American product.  He's a great player.  He's stayed out of trouble, and he's a solid product of a system designed to produce excellence at basketball.  He's used the capitalist system to his advantage, taking care of himself and his family.  He has won the game matter what he does on the court.  

He's not well rounded, balanced, or overly achieving in other parts of his life (now that's my opinion, i.e. Bill Gates giving away billions).  Hold this thought:  "Higher education, as a descriptive term, represents something "higher", or "above" the normal standard".  

In college, I began learning that the world remains full of gray...High School taught me right and wrong, but the gray areas...that's a different story.  Navigating life, making a living, and having meaning in your life...well that's more art than science.  I know a few folk that learned how to make a living in college, but living a different.

I could go on, but I'm really trying to get off my butt and write...I've been out of a job for a few months, and the depression side of me has been void of thoughts and desire to write.  This has been therapeutic, at the very least...

I could erase it all and sum it up concisely, which means my exercise has worked, my brain is finally working upon command...except for all the passive sentences.  Somewhere...the perfect English teacher, Ms. Stokes has just suffered a sudden chill, without knowing why...(I must maintain a sense of humor, or I'd have to edit the post for hours)

Lebron, I don't think, ever had a situation where the coach didn't care how good he was...or where he had to perform off the court, in order to earn the right to be on the court.  I'm not saying college athletes are brain surgeons, but they have to learn some discipline.  

Lebron, I don't think, ever had a coach say "just shut up, and sit your ass down, until I say get up again".  

Michael Jordan did.  To me, that makes all the difference....learning how to use your super powers.

He can learn, I hope he does.  Any actor stepping upon the stage takes the, yes, Lebron has asked for it all, he can step off the stage at any time.  I wish him success, but I also would rather see him be more like David Duval...fat, happy, with a family and never needing to win another game again to be happy.

I don't even think college teaches that...

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