Monday, January 3, 2011

That was yesterday's round, year, and season...

No matter whether you play golf for fun, for serious exploits, or even for a living, the mindset from course to course, and from day to day never changes:  New day, new course, new round...forget what you did yesterday, good or bad, you need to focus and play strong today.   We can dwell upon the past laurels of success, or pine away the shoulda-coulda-woulda's that escaped successful execution, but regardless of how long you consider yesteryear, today stares you straight in the face.

Successful performance on the golf course comes from mental preparedness, practice, and a strong resolve to your chosen strategy.  Interestingly enough, sheer talent often gives way to the dull droll of the persistent.  Talent doesn't make 4 foot putts...practice makes 4 foot putts.  We all have talents, and we all have wonderful beliefs about how the world operates...but when you tee the ball up on the first hole...your talent must be translated into consistent execution or it doesn't matter what you believe about the world.  

It is a new year, 2011, stocked with new joys and fears, both of which I seem to not be ready to tolerate at the moment.  That's not a good time to tee off...strong resolve to your chosen strategy.  See, to digress a bit, I have a relationship with God, and I enjoy it...although I've been remiss about worship and attending church over the past several, year.  I have a few of choices in front of me, of which I must choose if I will be successful this year.

Tobacco or no tobacco, does tobacco really stop with me?

Control:  shall I fear death because those around me have, or have had cancer and some have even passed on to the next life?

Faith:  shall I attempt to waltz through the year with a childlike faith that God will simply push me into success?

Work:  will I work hard?  hard enough?  or, will I slack when I have the chance?

Presence:  will I bring all that I am to the course?  or, again, will I slack and let others do what God has put before me?

Golf is a very fickle mistress, and she forgives none when it comes to proven performance.  You can get a lucky bounce here, or there, but successful golfers know that hard work remains the best tool for successful scoring on a golf course.

My chosen strategy has been to walk the course with the One that has gotten me this far...and I will stick to a sense of hard work at being a father, husband, and employee, and I'll have to trust that when I can't take care of my worship life, that God remains big enough to take care of me.

Keep your thoughts on the course to a minimum, it ain't pracice anymore, pick your 2 or 3 thoughts that get your head in the right place and stick with it.  Keep it in the fairway and practice your 4 footers...and I'll see at  the 19th.

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