Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pride and Prejudice

I've come to believe that a boy's pride in life lies in his relationship with his father, and that the first love of a boy, shall always be his mother.  Boys worship their dads, and they love their mothers.  

I remember loving to watch my dad, to be involved in what he was doing, to be valued in the process of what 'we' were we accomplished "the work".  I wanted to be a part of my dad's world and to be involved in all the important things my dad did.  

I remember wanting to simply be around mom.  Just to be in her presence, was to feel the warmth and love that she exuded.  She had a fascinating and fantastical way of making people feel comfortable and relaxed.  She brought conversation out in people, she brought folks together.  

I'm sure that she shines brighter now, in the memories of mine, than she possibly could have in real life.  I'm sure that she's more pure in my mind than she could ever have lived on earth.  I'm also sure that she never could have been matched by any other woman I could meet.  Such is the pure love of a boy for his momma, mama, mother, mum.

All these years, mom, I haven't forgotten.  

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