Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Doing What You're Supposed To...

"You", are supposed to...

1.  Behave in school.
2.  Have good grades, if you don't, you won't get into the college of your choice, or a good college, whatever that means.
3.  Go to college...(your mom goes to college).
4.  Have some fun in college, but get good grades or you won't get a good job...or alternatively you could live your life like a celibate monk and study all time and if the word "fun" comes up, you have to start with looking it up in wikipedia.
5.  Graduate from college and get a kickin job, with a kickin company.
6.  Marry the love of your life, on schedule.
7. Get better job, on schedule.
8. Have kids, on schedule.
9. Move to the best schools.
10.  Build house in "best school" place.
11.  Drive the car "you" want (which happens to be the same car that everyone wants...today, its a Lexus, silver SUV/Sedan thingie).

I didn't really follow any of the above...and I'm probably not starting anytime soon...I took 10 years to graduate from college, 4 months to find a job, and THAT was with a Trucking Software Company.

Oh, I forgot that I got married a couple of years before I graduated college, to a wonderful woman.  I got into the .com boom and bust, right about the 'and' part, which blew up shortly thereafter.  I've now had a job with the same company for almost 9 years.  9 years of dodging layoffs, acquisitions, and takeovers can be exhilarating, let me tell you. The first house we bought was 80 years old, and it rocked, it fell apart, but it rocked when the train went by and we loved it!  Our kids rock (you can even ask people that don't like us), and my wife started medical school in her mid-thirties.

What's my point?  Good question, everyone should have a point...

I have lived my life, since a certain moment, asking myself what I'm supposed to be doing?  Losing my parents at an early age had me fairly neurotic most of the time.  I spent most of high school not knowing what I was supposed to be doing, but instead, wanting people to like me, or wanting girls to have sex with me.  I spent college screwing around, literally and figuratively, but also wanting people to like me.  I graduated college and wanted people to hire me, and like me...  But, somewhere along the way, I asked myself why I gave a shit about what the hell I'm 'supposed' to be doing?

Best question I ever asked myself, and definitely the best question for my life's progress.  It allowed me to admit that I cared what people thought of me, without also being pushed anymore by the mainstream current of society.

My life can still be described as a whirling dervish, but at least I'm enjoying it.  I get a kick out of paying attention to the Mainstream Current, and I'm sort of addicted it to it.  Its like Social Porn...watching what people do with their money...which happens to be buying the same care that everyone seems to have.  Or, starting a new development in "We used to be our own country" Texas, but calling it "Versailles", what the hell?  Versailles!  Really!?  That sounds like it came straight out of a John Irving novel.  How do you think they say it...?

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