Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Building a Better Tomorrow

Currently, my nine year old daughter has no door on her room.  This would be due to what we call "the slamming effect".  My wife explained to me in college that her friend had her door taken off, because she slammed it too many times...voila!  

This represents the second time that my daughter has experienced this particular remodel to her room.  The first was a year ago, for a couple of weeks, and made quite an impact.  She calmed down a bit and went on with her busy eight year old life.

My daughter becomes many things, and has uses for many things, most all non-traditional...she's sort of like a chameleon going through crack withdrawal.  Give her an inch, and she'll have the pipe in her closet toking up again.  She's a bona fide pack rat...  I bring her back things when I travel, but she thinks that each little bit of swag that I bring her presents more value than the Liberty Bell.  I love to bring her the nice thick paper towels from fancy restaurant restrooms, much to her mother's chagrin.  I ran across one the other day from The City Grille (Milwaukee) in her room...a place I went to about a year ago.  What does she do with these things?  A bathroom towel, for crying out loud...

She sees things that I don't, value that I cannot percieve.  Things I used to see, before I grew up.  She has keys to cars that I can't find anymore, and they take her to fantastic places where I can no longer go.  I love watching her, sitting in her reading chair wedged in the corner of our backyard, under a little Japanese Maple tree.  Like it was made by God Himself, just for her to sit under, right now...

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