Monday, February 8, 2010

Need to Blog...Need to Write

I want to write.  It is one of the most fascinating and terrifying desires I've ever had.  At the moment though, I'm having some very traumatic stress over the fact that this fucking laptop has the most sensitive touch pad in the world.

I digress.  Many of us think about writing, and fewer than many of us actually aspire to write, less than fewer of many of actually do it, and only a few actually get through it successfully and get published.  However, what I find particularly interesting, is that most people who have blogs, think they can write...which happens to be quite a bit of us...weird.

I'd like to introduce an addendum to an old adage:  Opinions AND BLOGS, are like assholes, everybody's got one.

I aspire to be the few of us.  Problem:  to those that do, and do well, you understand...becomes increasingly difficult with every word you write.  It starts out innocently, You have a head full of witty sayings, snippets of memories and such, and suddenly you picture yourself as the next David Sedaris, only a mostly heterosexual David Sedaris...I say that because most of the gay folk I'm acquainted with...actually know whether they can write or not already...perhaps it comes with the serious self-awareness that homosexuality brings (unfortunately).

Again, I digress

Writing becomes very hard work.  Personally, and since this is my blog (I've still not explained why I have one if I hate them, eh)...I can be personal.  Personally, I struggle seriously with creating passive, weak, anexoric, and sometimes grammatically incorrect sentences.  Which has sent me into a mission in life to create strong, powerful, creatively eccentric, descriptive and ...sort of lost my train there, damn....sentences.

I know that I have a chance.  I've heard that the first step (or level 1), of writing begins with business writing, mostly email.  I have noticed that I have achieved the kick-ass level 12 of business writing.  I know this because my colleagues, and my marketing folks...send me stuff to read and re-write, for power.  Which presents my first point of revelation that I don't suck.

And...on to my main point, the main writing exercise is...writing.  Now my secret is revealed...and why I must have a blog, and a write.

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  1. One observation and one request:

    1. You are a very capable writer.

    2. Make this the last post in which you apologize for keeping a blog. Self-justification is no longer necessary, plus it will hinder your writing.