Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Connections

The ultimate Christmas connection, obviously, links directly to Jesus being God's connection to His creation.  I try, therefore, to make Christmas about connections within my own mind.  Gifts become a tangible point of reference or connection with another.  A physical expression of an internal affinity, love, or appreciation...given to another out of (hopefully) selfless gratitude. 

There have been many gifts I've received over the years that link me to those special people that gave them.  I'd list a few, but hopefully, you've already drifted into a mental path of your own special gifts and those that honored you.  I'm making a list.  A list of people I need to connect with...and I'm making new rules for myself.  The old rules tell me that if I can't give a 'good' gift, or a 'real' gift, then there isn't any point in trying.  To do nothing, becomes a better strategy than the half-try...and, frankly, its easier.  But, this year, I've got some new rules...  I'm making a list, and I might even check it twice.  I've bought a new list of cards, and even if its just a two or three line note, or a short phone call, I'm going to re-touch as many people as I can on my list.  They touched me, and I remain grateful. 

One of the people on my list, is someone that I don't even know very well.  Yet, he continues to touch my life.  I've included my favorite token of his workmanship below, and maybe it will spur us all on to a Christmas full of wonderful connections, re-connections, and wonderful gifts (big or small).

Coffee Moments

It's not about the coffee.
We meet there, yes,
and drink as though
our lives depend on it.

But java's just an excuse
to gather, to share a part
of who we are, to stay
reasonably connected.

We searched for paradise
and never found it --yet here
with  cup in hand, perhaps
we're a latte closer.

                      -Jim Chastain

Jim remains in his last chapter of this journey, but I need to let him know that he's created fuel for me, he's fed me with intangible food, and helped me make sense out of the swirl of misty thoughts and emotions in my mind.  Thank you Jim.


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